Hi. I am Sheila Brooks. I am a retired public servant (police officer, Danbury, CT, 1980-2007), living a (currently) peaceful, quiet life in my little corner of Connecticut. I am a woman, long married to a lovely man, a daughter/sister/stepmother/niece to an extraordinary family, a friend to some truly amazing people. Additionally, I am a feminist, a political liberal, & a believer in the basic decency of my fellow humans. I think we are all better as people when we realize we are all in this together. That belief goes hand in hand with my belief that life is too short not to have a good time. So, I am also a wine enthusiast (my husband says expert. I say wino.), an amateur architecture & design buff, a sci-fi nerd, a frequent furniture refinisher, an avid gardener, and a pretty decent cook.

Why am I blogging? There are two main reasons. First, I like a good story, well-told. My dad was a wonderful storyteller. My grandfather, my mom’s father, was also a teller of tales. My husband is a terrific storyteller. And I’ve found that I like telling stories. I’ve used Facebook for some years, to tell small stories from my life, usually for the sake of a laugh. I’ve discovered that making others smile, makes me smile. I believe life’s absurdities will continue to provide ample material. I would also like to tell other stories from my life & the people in it, both past & present, as they cross my mind.  The second reason is because I have opinions. My husband claims that I have opinions about EVERYTHING. This is provably false. I can’t possibly know everything, so how could I have an opinion on something I know nothing about? But I do have a lot of opinions. About a great many things. And here is where I will share at least some of them. I hope you enjoy.

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