I Can’t Believe I Have To Say This

I generally try to avoid stating obvious things, things that everyone knows. But after over a week of listening to and reading what others are saying, stating obvious things appears necessary.  So, here goes : Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists in general, are bad people. Furthermore, the people who march with Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists are ALSO bad people. EVERY LAST GODDAMN ONE OF THEM. Good people do NOT support the subjugation, if not outright elimination, of other people based on skin color. There is NOT ‘blame on many sides’.  The President is wrong. Terribly, irrevocably wrong.  The only reasonable response to Nazis, etc. marching in our streets is to protest against them. Everywhere. In the streets, on social media, and in ordinary conversations.  When 500 Nazis, etc., marched in Charlottesville, 1,000 people came out to march against them.  When a few dozen ‘free speech’ advocates (aka Nazis) decided to rally in Boston, 40,000 people turned out to counter-protest. May each and every one of the counter-protesters be blessed.

I am saddened beyond measure at what I see and hear from people seeking to justify their positions. I saw links to articles claiming that actors were hired in droves to make up the crowds of counter-protestors. I saw a claim that the counter-protesters incited that Nazi sympathizer to murder Heather Heyer and injure 19 others. I heard the president claim that the torch-carrying mob of angry white people chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ also included quiet, peaceful history buffs, anxious about the removal of public art.  In short, I heard and saw people who should know better spew unadulterated bullshit in mass quantities.

While I am not a historian, I have a broad enough working knowledge of world history to state that the last time we, as a nation, had occasion to fight the Nazis, we were, for the most part, united in that fight. There was one group that was reluctant, as I recall. That group was made up of people who believed in the credo, “America First”. Sound familiar?