My Machines Work By Magic


My own little corner
My own little corner

I have never before made friends with technology.  I accept its’ necessity, but I resolutely refuse to pay any more than the most basic attention to how any of it works. As far as I am concerned, it all operates via magic, from my computer to my car, and must be tended regularly by wizards, cleverly disguised as either tech support or my mechanic.

I have also actively tried to avoid using machines. I own one power tool, a palm sander, which as it’s electrified sandpaper hardly qualifies.  I’ve had the same food processor & electric mixer since my wedding, almost 25 years ago, because I prefer knives & graters, my juicer of glass, in a lovely shade of green, my mortar & pestle, in smooth white porcelain. A Dexter chef’s knife with a wooden handle & a 10″ blade I use daily, even though it’s better suited to carving a roast than mincing parsley. It belonged to my dad, & I like to think he’d appreciate that it’s still in use, although I’m sure he’d want to correct my hand position.

However, two weeks ago, when our home pc began to deny me access to virtually everything on it, & the nice Roger determined that a virus had done very bad things inside it,  we decided to replace it. But this time, thanks to my newfound enthusiasm for doing more things online, like blogging, I would involve myself in what I recall was the tedious process of choosing a new computer. Imagine my surprise, after a pleasant 1/2 hour with a polite (& frighteningly young) man named Taylor, we carried out of the store a perfectly lovely piece of equipment.

2016-02-22 16.05.15
Rather nice looking, don’t you think?

First of all, no more black box-o-techno-stuff on the floor. The computer & monitor are, finally, one. Secondly, it’s white. Yes, there’s still a black border around the actual screen, but the rest of it is sleekly, elegantly white. And thirdly, & perhaps most importantly, it’s much friendlier than any computer I’ve ever used. Once Roger connected it (I know my limitations, but at least this time I stayed in the room while he did it.), a tranquil blue screen appeared, and periodically displayed friendly, soothing messages about how things were being done, & none of these things would take too long, & it hoped we would remain patient. So, we waited a little while, & we were soothed, & we remained patient. And lo, internet connectivity, & access to the world was granted.

Who doesn't yearn for this?
Who doesn’t yearn for this?

There are still wires to deal with, though. I corral them as best I can.

The Octopus.
The Octopus.

I am still in the process of discovering what my new machine will do. It has a camera, so I can either make videos or be spied upon. I believe I can talk to it (voice-activated search). So far, it has not initiated conversation. I believe I am relieved about that. Finally, I believe I’m going to have fun with it. And that’s a bit of modern magic.



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