You Have No One to Blame But Yourselves

So, this is blogging. I type my words into my computer, press publish, and away they go, into cyberspace, for all the world to see. What would possess me to do such a thing?

I joined Facebook years ago, somewhat reluctantly. I wasn’t sure it was for me. Social media seems antithetical to someone who is, at heart, a solitary person, perfectly content with my own company. My hobbies (gardening, furniture re-finishing, reading, cooking, watching movies) are done mostly alone (although company for movie watching is acceptable). Professionally, I spent most of my time either driving alone in a patrol car, or sitting alone in the dispatcher’s booth (this being a polite euphemism for the squalid, minuscule room that was the center of Danbury Police communications during my career). I wasn’t even sure I cared for the language of Facebook. Sharing? What is this nonsense about?

But I discovered I liked sharing. Not just re-posting funny or interesting things from the web, but using my own words to tell little stories & make observations about the world, my life, & the people in it. And my FB friends seemed to enjoy them as well. So, who are these FB friends of mine? They are not a large group. I just checked. By the numbers, they are composed of 110 women & 129 men. These people are all still currently living (It would appear that the deceased live on in our Friends lists. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I do assume for the purposes of this blog, that my deceased friends will NOT be following it). 34 of my FB friends are family members, 8-10 people are former school friends, 89 are former colleagues (both sworn & civilian personnel from both police & fire departments), & the rest, well, they are from the rest of my life.

Now, of these 239 living people, I probably communicate thru my posts most often with just a couple of dozen or so. These conversations are great fun, & frequently get carried on thru multiple posts. But I’ve also found that many more people are READING the posts, & regularly. I know this to be true, because my husband, the nice Roger, is still gainfully employed, & comes home telling me tales of the harassment he has had to endure because of something I’ve posted. How he suffers for my art. Or something. So, with the ongoing encouragement of a relatively small group of people, a blog is launched.

     What you may find here, on any given day, I can’t say at this point. It may be a story (funny or not), it may be an opinion about current events, or a commentary about something I found interesting. I may delve into the past on occasion (all cops have stories, I am no exception). What I can promise is that what you read has been filtered thru my own, ever-so-slightly absurdist perspective. It is my fond hope that whatever you may find, you enjoy. I welcome comments but be nice, both to me & each other. The world is a tough place. It doesn’t need to be made tougher by unkindness.




11 thoughts on “You Have No One to Blame But Yourselves

  1. As 1 of the 110 women, honored, amused, touched, and admittingly have shared in the torture of Roger, ( Loving EVERY minute of it) I am so proud to be finally reading this!!! I love you, support you, and can’t wait to read on….and I don’t EVEN like to read! BRAVO!!!! XXXOOOOO


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